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GIRO-90 Heroine Completely Destroyed – Tales Valkyrie -

‘Prometheus and Artemis are alive… But they can no longer communicate.’ ‘Misaki… Where is Aphrodite?!’ ‘…’ While Haruka is overwhelmed with grief, Tales the goddess feels the same pain. Her friends are eliminated. Tales Valkyrie succeeds in puncturing Butler’s body but in return for a heavy pay. ‘You try to defeat us, even if you lose all of your friends!?’ Falcus shows a frightened face. The monster flees from her but… ‘Ka… Karen is… I… I!!!’ Haruka cries and strong grief makes her suffer… ‘You must choose your own future.’ Falcus decides to make a bold move. Justice will not change. But Tales Valkyrie’s ideal is shattered. Falcus inserts dark worms in the heroine’s stomach and it is stricken with an iron ball! Tales Valkyrie vomits blood and her bones are broken! 60% of her bones are broken and Falcus uses his final attack on her! [BAD END]

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