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GIRO-64 Misty Mary

Ozma Company, the company in control of Orgus City, creates cyborgs that are more faithful than human to control the garrison. But since the cyber police did not have the power to make decisions, their plan is coming to grief. Just then, Professor Saotome suggests that they build cyborgs that are based on the human body… Meanwhile, Mary Kamijo obtains information about the next drug trade. But her partner, Utsunomiya betrays her because Mary is the only one who defeated the Cyber Police. After getting entrapped, Mary is disgraced and is turned into a cyborg by the police. Mary loses her memories and solves all sorts of problems caused by Ozma. But suddenly Mary retrieves her memories and fights against Ozma to stop his conspiracy. Ozma decides to use the safety switch that stops Mary’s power, which turns her into a Dutch wife…

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