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GDSC-66 White Wing

[Tickling Torture] White Wing is captured by her foe. The combatants torture her but she bears the pain. They decide to use the analysis goggles to find her weak spot. There is a change in plan, they stop hitting her with a club. The combatants approach her and begins tickling White Wing! Not even she knew her own weakness. Soon White Wing becomes mentally exhausted and her helmet dispels…[Hypnotism] White Wing is about to lose consciousness from the tickling. A combatant burns incense at her and starts the hypnotism. ‘Everything I say is true…’ whispers the combatant. When the combatant snaps his finger, White Wing becomes conscious. She finds an evil combatant before her and tries to fight against him. But the combatant informs her, ‘What are you doing, White. Don’t you remember me? I’m Red’ Wing White believes his words and…[Maniac Torture] Days have passed since she has been captured… White Wing is imprisoned and she hasn’t eaten anything in a while… Just when she was about to fall asleep, the combatants starts playing with her navel. Then they begin cleaning her vagina. And a different combatant brings her a sausage… After she finishes eating, they brush her teeth…[Surrender]Now that they stole all the data from White Wing, there is no point of letting her live. White Wing becomes the combatants’ sex servant. She wants to fight back, but she no longer had enough power to do so. The enemy injects a liquid into her anus and begins banging her…

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