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GDSC-62 Force Ranger the Supernatural Squadron

[Subjugation] The monsters capture Force Pink and questions her about their hideout. Injector and combatants torture the beautiful heroine with a spiky club and a whip. Injector takes off Force Pink’s mask and... [Masturbation] Force Pink did not speak even after the harsh torture. Now Lemira has a chance to torture the heroine. She uses the Snake Ring to strangle Force Pink and injects the special love potion. The poison makes her body very sensitive and Lemira licks her thoroughly. Lemira grabs Force Pink’s wrists and fingers her delicate spot. Pink tries to stop masturbating but she can no longer stop herself. [Surrender] Even after she finished masturbating, Lemira’s torture did not end. She grabs Force Pink’s body as if she was a snake, and licks all over her body. Pink no longer had the power to fight back. Lemira’s tongue reaches inside her powersuit... Lemira summons the Injector and commands him to disgrace Pink. [Slutification] Pink cannot forget the pleasure she felt from having sex with the injector. While no one was looking, she starts masturbating to stop the ache, but Lemira enters the room. Pink tries to act if nothing had happened, but Lemira caresses her.

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