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GDSC-60 Sparklady Beagle (Masturbation, Slutification, Surrender, Subjugation)

[Masturbation] Beagle gets damaged from explosion of a suicidal bomber... And her arch-enemy shows himself... ’Today is the day I defeat you!’ But everyone knew she had no chance with the wound from her previous battle. The enemy uses sorcery to control her body and touches her titties. He then uses a different magic that makes her body... [Slutification] After breathing the black gas, Beagle cannot stop masturbating. Now, she begs for the enemy to shove his penis inside her. He then replies, ’If you will kiss me, I’ll think about it’ Beagle then kisses him... After he begins pounding her, she drools all over the floor. She begins shaking her butt to... [Surrender] Beagle gets tricked by the enemy. She loses control of her body and they begin violating her. The enemy uses magic to destroy her fighting suit so he can play with her titties. Beagle cannot fight back and gets disgraced by him... [Subjugation] A different monster now tortures Beagle. She still cannot move but that did not matter. The monster strikes her with a club and burns her arm!.. Then Beagle loses control of both of her arms... The monster stomps on them and...

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