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GDSC-58 Lexus Five

[Wrestling] The ghoul defeats Lexas Red by using wrestling moves. Abdominal stretch, stomacher craw, bear hug, ashi-hishigi, low blow, chop, back breaker, sleeper hold, and etc. [Crotch Torture] The ghoul uses a vibrator on her private area after capturing her. Then the combatants use a rope to torture her. [Armpit Torture] Lexas Red does not surrender even after getting her vagina attacked. The combatants of Gedoss attack her armpit now. Her power suit is torn apart and her armpit is exposed. He uses brushes and feathers to torture her. Lexas Red tries desperately not to laugh but now she gets tickled. Gradually she loses sanity and... [Surrender] Lexas Red is disgraced by the combatants after hours of getting tortured.

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