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GDSC-52 GODDESS (Subjugation, Electric Massager, Surrender, Hermaphrodite)

[Subjugation] Goddess is defeating the combatants one by one... But she is losing her breath from exhaustion... Her mask disappears after defeating all of the monsters... But then, new monsters strangle her with a chain. They were waiting for the moment when she unbinds her transformation... Goddess is electrified after getting beaten with a club... [Electric Massager] Goddess is getting recorded... Eerie looking people enter the room. They use vibrators to play with her body. She tries to bear the stimulation but begins to raise her voice. The monsters spread gel on Goddess’ body that makes her more sensitive... [Surrender] The monsters caress her gently after torturing her for hours... Goddess writhe in agony. She fights back after they unleash her from the restraints... But she no longer had the power to fight back. The monsters hit her with a stick and brutally grabs her breasts. Whenever she tries to fight back, they torture her... [Hermaphrodite] Goddess is absent-minded after getting surrendered by the monsters. They install a machine on her head and inserts a small monster in her vagina. Then Goddess begins to feel something awkward around her groin. Something grows out of her groin! Strangely, she feels pleasure from getting it grabbed. The monster forces her to masturbate and her semen shoots out! The monster then sticks a small stick into Goddess’ urethra...

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