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GDSC-43 SUPERLADY(Subjugation,Surrender,Nipple Torture,Slutification Part)

[Subjugation] Super Lady is in pain... What is torturing her is the green ores that are scattered all over the floor. Warlock picks up a gigantic ore and presses it against her which torments Super Lady. [Surrender] The enemy injects a liquidated ore into Super Lady... Her godly powers are gradually weakening... And appears the second warlock. Super Lady no longer has any power to fight back and she gets screwed by his dildo. [Nipple Torture] Super Lady couldn’t move after getting disgraced by the warlock. Few men happen to pass by and finds her. They decide to take advantage of the situation and play with her beautiful breast. Super Lady gasps from getting caressed by the men and... [Slutification] Super Lady’s body desires for a more stimulating pleasure. She grabs one of the guys penis and sucks on it. She enjoys the taste of a stranger’s cock but that did not satisfy her...

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