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GDSC-40 Masked Sexy (Subjugation, Slutification Part, Nipple Torture, Surrender)

[Subjugation] Masked Sexy corners the Principle; but just when she was about to finish him, Principle’s pet attacks her. Principle steals Masked Sexy’s weapon and beats her with it. Later she is tied up and gets toyed by them. [Surrender] Masked Sexy is tied up on a chair and gets attacked. They use many different vibrators on her and shove one in her vagina. Later, the monster inserts his penis inside her. She desperately tries to get him off of her but... [Nipple Torture] The monsters have fun playing with Masked Sexy’s nipples. They enjoy the fact that she has no way of escaping this hopeless situation... [Slutification] The Principle paints a special potion on her vagina. She soon feels a discomfort in her groin. She tries to forget the ache by rubbing her legs but the Principle stops her. He purposely asks her, ’Hey Masked Sexy, what the problem?’ Masked Sexy responds, ’It... aches... it... really aches...’ The principle negotiates with her that if she would become his servant, he would unlock the chain. Although Masked Sexy endures the ache, she finally...

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