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GATE-26 Naked Heroine 26 Phase 26 - Aurora Knight

Carelessly, the Aurora is captured by the Death-Empire. She isn’t put to death, but obstinate torture is given to her in order that they find coordinates’ axis of the Earth-Defence-Army which she belongs to. She, the Aurora, is hit, kicked, choked, stepped over, and she is got down on her knees on a plate with many small triangle milled edges all over, and then on her holded legs, iron clogs are dropped, and her hands and feet are pinched with two heavy metal rollers; however, she doesn’t confess at all. The annoyed enemy brings torture in the direction that gives sexual disgrace at the Aurora-Knight. She receives groping by the low grade combatants who hungry for a woman, and she receives electric massage-machine torture, torture of ropes with knots, and then sexual love drug is coated on her nipples and sexual organs, wchich are obscenely touched and licked, and she reaches the acme and is given blow-job that is mainly poking her inside cheeks, and their cum are ejaculated inside of that and finally, the Aurora-Knight is disgraced, too. [BAD END]

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