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CHSD-02 Heroine Chronicles Initial F

Far away on the sea off the coast of a country stands aloof a high tower of the Octopus Foundation headquarters. Disguised as a woman secretary, named Margaret, I successfully sneaked into the organization. Well, this was done without a hitch as usual. There I was assigned a job of taking care of a little girl, who lived in a small room on the top floor. Mr. Z, the Director General, called her a ”treasure”, but something didn’t click. There seemed to be a secret; it looked like she’d been confined. But, I was after the mysterious riches, the Mermaid’s Tears, that Mr. Z had in possession. Once I had them, then I’d be off and away from here. The problem was, I just couldn’t find them. While eavesdropping on the office of the Director General, I learned of the girl’s secret. Was I surprised! It paled the Mermaid’s Tears. In mid night, I tried to take her away, but Jack foiled me. He was Mr. Z’s muscleman, called Magician, a killer who was capable of bouncing off bullets and throwing fire balls from his palms. I got beat and barely escaped. But, I just can’t get away like this. Never! I’ll have to get the ”treasure”. My name? You, idiot. Hah, hah. I’ll tell you, only my initials, though.

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