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CGMD-03 Mysterious Thief Cecilia-Our Lovely Mamadol Heroine

A secretary in the daytime, and a theif called Cecilia in the night, she is a tender mom, until she lost her first child a few years back in an accident. She asked an elite scientist to implant the lost child’s cells into a cyborg. She kept the cyborg daughter in a secret base and nurtured her with affection. Cecilia goes after the truth behind the accident and discovers it,a chip, She starts her revenge for the lost daughter. Cornered, the evil gangs resort to the last means by attacking the cyborg daughter hidden in the base. Cecilia is baffled and demands to confess the location of the chip in front of her daughter. Seeing her enduring, the gangs start destroying the daughter cyborg. Enraged, Cecilia bursts into gangs’ hideout and starts a furious attack toward the boss!

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