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CGBD-30 Idol In Big Crisis!! Cutie Rose Vol.1

Mai Tsukijima is an ordinary high school girl. One day she is saved from the clutches of evil secret organization Devil Fang by a mysterious girl named Misty Lily. Just before leaving, Misty Lily says to Mai, “You must forget everything about me if you want to live in peace,” but Mai, curiously attracted to the mysterious girl, starts looking for Lily in the town next day. Mai luckily finds a combatant of Devil Fang in the street and follows him, but she is discovered by the organization’s monster Tarango. She is caught and terribly tortured by the monster, but just when she thinks her life is finished, Misty Lily shows up and saves Mai again. Misty Lily defeats all the combatants with her incredible powers, but Mai is captured and taken hostage by the Giant Spider and Lily cannot do anything. Misty Lily is bitten by Tarango with his fangs all over her body and because of the Giant Spider’s energy waves she suffers great pains, writhing on the ground. That is when Mai’s heart is moved by brave Misty Lily, who is willing to sacrifice herself for a stranger. Mai discovers the secret powers that have been hidden inside her. Mai’s body is surrounded by the light and she transforms into a warrior Cutie Rose!

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