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CGBD-28 Idol Force!! Mediums the Evil Busters - Triple Lancer F Vol.1

The battle between the Triple Lancers, an organ of justice created by mankind, and the Onyoh Corps, the group of devils intending to exterminate mankind, is about to come to an end. Clad in the improved, powered-up reinforced suit, the Triple Lancers have downed the monsters one after another just about to score victory. But, Megumi Takasugi, as Blue Lancer, who has had her mother killed by the Onyoh Corps while she was a child, has long been intending to find out the culprit all by herself to revenge for her mother.. Mika Sakamoto, as the leader Red Lancer, advises against Megumi’s unilateral action, which forges an enmity between the two. Yellow Lancer, Yuki Katsura, tries to patch up. But, Udai Majin Kai and Sadai Majin Zan, both cadres of the Onyoh Corps, come into play. Lancers in the Lancer suits are supposed to be invincible. It is none other than Sadai Majin Zan who killed Megumi’s mother. Megumi, Blue Lancer, gets carried away and charges towards Zan, breaking loose the team work of the Triple Lancers. The three get cornered by Zan and Kai, while Megumi, Blue Lancer, challenges them alone, falling into the trap of Zan and Kai... Blue Lancer is tortured by the two monsters. The ferocious feather Ninja stars penetrate Megumi’s soft skin through the now disfunctioned reinforced suit. Crying in agony, Megumi faces the brutal tortures staged playfully by Zan and Kai. Megumi Takasugi, Blue Lancer, smashed both in body and mind, is led to public execution. Now the worst fate befalls our heroine Blue Lancer in a bad ending.

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