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CGAD-13 Super Heroine Red Avenger

When Mako Shishido was seventeen, her parents who were scientists were killed by the criminal organization, Crusher, and she was also seriously injured. Since then, Mako left her home country, Italy, and wandering about the whole world to revenge with the specially strengthened suit which her parentes invented. One day, Mako saved Seiji Sakamoto, who was tangled with a bunch of thugs in a town in Japan. Because of her kindness, she was caught up in the trouble with the gang group.As the situation required, she entered the office of the enemy as a bodyguared of Sakamotos. However, she found out that the boss of the enemy was Nero, who was a member of Crusher and killed her parents. Mako, thirst for revenge, beat the enemy one by one and finally ran Nero to ground. But,uncomposed with too much anger, she was caught by the enemy and subjected to torture with Italian mafia-like brutality. Would Mako be able to escape from the fix and avenge herself on Nero?

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