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CGAD-04 Super Heroine Witch Hunter SAYAKA

The woman being attacked whom Sayaca that her parents were killed by seven witches whether was on the way to the travel for revenge, and was helped and the woman was waiting when ensnared Sayaca to tell the truth with seven witches’ one person roses by her. Sayaca from which it is deprived of the sight by the poison pollen of a mean rose undertakes a disgrace hurting, becomes a desperate pinch, escapes Sayaca in the rose by Uittihantar that introduces oneself as Mitsl that suddenly appears there like the gale, and it escapes from the saving pinch. Afterwards, the rose promised the thing that revenge cooperates by Mitsl that knew the purpose of Sayaca, did Sayaca and travel both, and when obtained Sayaca, schemed a further redoubtable trap. Sayaca does really defeat seven witches, and can revenge it ?

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