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AZGB-19 Battle Of Dead

Hasumi is a superstar of women’s pro wrestling. While training, she is attacked by a group of mysterious armed thugs, and defends herself in a street fighting situation. After a fierce battle she manages to defeat all of them. There’s absolutely no reason why she should be attacked like this when she is approached by a stranger, a man who calls himself ‘Dokuta.’ Dokuta says he is R & D manager at a video game company Phoenix, and he asks Hasumi to cooperate with him in developing new video game software. If she consents, she will be given the right to enter the ‘Battle of Dead,’ most prestigious tournament that decides the world’s strongest fighter. Hasumi agrees, is whisked to the laboratory without knowing Dokuta’s hidden agenda, which is, turning Hasumi into an on-screen fighting game character in order to make her fight in the video game world! Trapped inside the game’s world, Hasumi has only one way to return to the real world, and that is to win the battle with the boss character. Can Hasumi survive the deadly fighting game Battle of Dead, make it to the final and win the tournament?!

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