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AZGB-13 Idol Action Battle - Burnout : Dignitary Security Team

The story is set in another world, where things are slightly different from reality. Humans have divided this world into two parts: the East and the West. They both held the ideals and developed their own styles of “peace” while fiercely robbing each other. To counterattack the East’s terrorism, the West section formed special teams to guard the country’s important persons. Among them, Team Garuda is the ablest unit of the organization and its members Rio, May and Jin receive orders to escort Dr. Amari, authority of robotics defecting from the East. The three agents find the doctor, but every move of them is actually monitored by the terrorists. These terrorists are in fact full metal cyborgs no bullet can hurt. Rio and Jin fight the cyborg terrorists, but the girls are caught off guard and Jin gets shot and falls trying to protect Rio. In addition to that, a huge cyborg Ghoul appears before Rio. And a man confronts May trying to run away with the doctor….

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