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ATHB-49 Action Game Heroine - Irregular Soldier Alpha

Cyborg Heroine Alpha, created by Dr. Good, a peace-loving genius scientist, has been fighting terrorist cyborgs made by Dr. Mad day in and day out. Dr. Good and Alpha finally run down Dr. Mad’s secret base by a reconnaissance robot. With Dr. Good’s support, Alpha succeeds in sneaking into the enemy base where a web of countless traps is set in wait. Here come Mad Chameleon, a fighter cyborg looking like a chameleon, and Mad Gorilla, another fighter cyborg shaped after a gorilla. Alpha gets into a fierce fight with them and beats them down to confront Dr. Mad at last. But, Dr. Mad is mean enough to sync with Alpha’s pleasure nerve center and begins to control her sexual pleasure! With all her might, Alpha fights back the oncoming waves of sexual desire, but she squirts out the shameful pleasure juice from inside her. And, Mad Chameleon attacks her in the delicate part with its tongue. Losing her power of resistance, Alpha is now subject to dreadful raping... [Bad ending]

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