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ZDAD-90 The White Angel – Super Lethal Angel

Devil virus… When the infected becomes malicious, the virus turns him or her into a monster… Doctor Kitao plots to scatter this virus and rule the world. But a girl stands up to stop this conspiracy… Lethal Angel. She fights against the infected people to stop Doctor Kitao… A new monster, Mosquito Wilzer, appears… This monster suddenly stings Lethal Angel and sucks blood out of her. Mikoto suffers and tries to shake him off but she is losing power… But just then, her partner Lisa appears and saves her. Mikoto transforms into Lethal Angel and defeats Mosquito Wilzer… Doctor Kitao shows himself and Lethal Angel gets angry. But something is happeneing to her right arm! Mikoto’s arm is covered in black light and is moving against her will. Mikoto finds out that she was infected…

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