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ZDAD-82 Butterfly Fighter Pink Fury S

Shoko is a superheroine who fights against evil while she travels around the world. She helps the resistance group of Ryuzaki Town and gets invited to their hideout but when they see a picture of Shoko’s mother in her pendant, they begin to hate her. The people tell her that her mother is the cadre! Shoko could not believe what the girl was saying, and decides to infiltrate into the HQ to find the truth. Although she finds her mother in the HQ, her mother no longer has the memories of her daughter and tries to kill her. Shoko transforms into Pink Fury to kill her own mother but she cannot finish her. She gets her energy sucked out and gets brainwashed with electricity. Although she endures the torture, now she is tangled by a snake. Shoko is helped by Rio but now she is attacked by the monster. The two girls defeat Snake Blubber but now King Blubber shows himself…

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