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ZDAD-19 American Heroine - Star Lady

The girl, found by accident by the Hoshizaki couple, had emerged from the meteorite falling from the universe, and she has grown under their loving care. Her name is Maria Hoshizaki. Not an earthling, Maria has an unusual power. To put her power to good uses for preserving peace on Earth, she has come to Tokyo where crimes are rampant. One afternoon, Maria’s workplace colleague, Natsumi Ayukawa, gets robbed by a burglar. Overhearing her scream for help, Maria turns into Star☆Lady and rescues her out. The burglar is a news reporter who is intent on disclosing the wrongdoings of Tendo Concern where the two of them are employed. The reporter gets killed by Tendo, and Natsumi happens to record the scene of the killing by accident. Natsumi is chased after by Tendo’s underlings. Maria again goes for her rescue as Star☆Lady!! Tendo, however, revamps his body to turn into Steel Man to stand against Maria!

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