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ZDAD-16 Pure and Lovely Milfena Act 2 - Strong Bonds Forever! The Heroine Is Back To Serve Justice!

Jun and Sora have decided to fight as Milfenas. During the fierce battle against Ark, Ark’s mask slips off, revealing her true face before the girls. And Seiko is greatly shocked at seeing Ark’s face. Enraged Ark blasts Shell and Seiko, but Heart alone could resist the impact using her powers. Damack, witnessing Heart’s unusual powers, suspects something is happening to her. Then Dibolos orders Damack to ”change the target and bring the new fighter that has fallen.” Despite Heart’s resistance, Shell is taken away by Damack. Dispirited, Jun and Seiko return to the room where Marble waits. Seiko thinks the enemy is after the crystal, into which the warrior’s hyper-energy is condensed. Hearing Seiko’s theory, Jun asks her to give her a special training session. Seiko watches over Jun as she continues to train very hard. Then Damack and Ark make a surprise attack. Heart has to fight a tough battle against them, when a new enemy arrives. Heart and Seiko are taken aback by a masked warrior who somehow resembles Shell. The mysterious warrior starts attacking Heart. As Heart’s blow hits the mask, the mysterious warrior’s face is revealed. It is Shell. Ark and Shell keep attacking Heart, who is terribly unsettled by the unexpected turn of events. All Heart can do is defend herself against their vigorous attack. Seiko interferes with their attack, and retreats with Heart, who has been severely injured. Can Heart save the world from Shell, who has turned evil? Which should she choose, ”her precious best friend” or ”the world”? After much agonizing, Jun has to make a decision, but what will that be?

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