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TTRE-04 Heroine Tentacle Surrender Vol.04

Miki, a school girl, who is pretty and talented in sports, transforms herself into a sailor fighter ”Sailor Athletes”. She sneaks into a certain school getting a clue about the Devil of the devildom. The students and teachers who sold their souls to the devil’s family bear down on Miki, but she beats them up becoming the sailor fighter. However, Ganivel, the manipulator of tentacles as well as the oracle of the devildom, drives Miki up the wall using tentacles. The tentacles twist around the fit body of the sailor fighter and clench it. Like whipping, they harm Miki physically. Being unconscious, she continues to be molested with her body tied up with the tentacles until she gives away her soul to the devil’s family... The tentacles bite off her costume and vast amounts of tentacles stimulate her skin. She gradually goes mad body and soul and ends up selling her soul. Her pretty face is now messed up and she falls into the hands of the evil...

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