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TTRE-03 Heroine Tentacle Surrender Vol.03

Right after she woke up, she found out herself in some unknown building. A member of the Martial-Heat named Oshania went out to see outside circumstances, and she could find dead ashes falling over a ruined town. She questioned a combatant of the Karma Empire whom she accidentally encountered, but even he didn’t know anything about it. However, there was sudden strange occurrence on the combatant’s body! Some creatures shaped as tentacle jumped out from his body, and those tentacles winded itself around Oshania who just transformed. Tentacles squeezed Oshania’s belly, tits and crotch strongly. Barely she ran into outside with those tentacles, and she could see them dying from air mixed with dead ashes. Anyway she evacuated into another building, but again she was attacked and squeezed by tentacles that were parasite on a civilian’s body. Those tentacles sneaked into tight space of her leotard and moved up to suck her voluptuous tits. In the end those tentacles actually shaped like male genitals were gripped hardly by Oshania who was resisting, and that caused them to shoot cum all over her mask, hairs and tits. After Oshania whose power was deprived by those semen was bound by tentacles again, and also unfortunately she was about to be disgraced by an alien who was actually causing dead ashes. Her mask and leotard were melted, and she herself was shot cum inside of her pink hole. Even if after that tentacles were digging into her mouth and female organs, they shot cum full inside of them... And, after a couple hours later, already she could find her belly swelled out and she conceived some evil creatures inside of her... BAD END

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