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THZ-29 Superheroine In Big Crisis!! Vol.29 - Dyna Ranger ~ Heroine Brainwash Plan ~ Vol.2 Wounded Mermaid

While fighting a lone battle to rescue her partner Maya Hino, Saori Mizushima gets called back suddenly by her commander. Waiting for her at the base is the visual image of Maya Hino, disguised as the woman fighter killing and robbing civilians. Disbelieving, Saori sets out with Zofer to save Maya. As she battles with the fighters, Saori encounters the woman fighter, whom she suspects ”may be Maya”, and, hesitating to fight, she tries to desert. Then, a powerful Herculean monster appears! Saori turns into Dyna Mermaid to fight the monster. In the middle of the battle emerges Ghana, the woman cadre, who hints at Maya’s whereabouts... The hint, however, sends Dyna Mermaid, Saori Mizushima, into a pinch, and she loses her senses. Everything is going the way as planned by Ghana... Ghana injects an aphrodisiac into Dyna Mermaid to prepare her for brainwashing. Awake, Mermaid finds herself posted on a cross, with electric wire tapped to every nerve of her body. And, brainwashed Maya turned Dyna Phoenix and woman cadre Ghana appear on the video monitor. As Ghana caresses Dyna Phoenix Maya’s body, Saori on the cross feels as if she is caressed on her palms, body and five senses by herself. Saori, having always been attracted to Maya, gets restless. And, Saori’s body is assaulted with a strong sense of pleasure as Maya caresses Ghana. Posted on the cross, Dyna Mermaid Saori gets remotely-brainwashed and reaches climaxes time and again as Maya’s pleasurable sensuality is conveyed through the wire. Soon, Ghana’s fingers crack into Saori’s vagina, and Saori is lured by Ghana’s sweet words despite herself.. Maya and the black slime gnaw at Saori’s body and mind... (Screwing by the fighters is included in the perk video)

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