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THZ-15 Super Heroine in Big Crisis ! Vol.15

Marina is a girl who is turned into a humanoid robot fighter by Guild, the evil organization. However, Marina escapes from them before the brain operation is done to her, and since then she keeps fighting against Guild. Meanwhile, Marina has a sister Reina, who also became a Guild’s humanoid robot after being caught by the syndicate. Guild has planted in her brain a controlling device “Demon Circuit” which, when the switch is turned on, changes Reina’s personality into a very violent one as if she became someone else. One day Marina finally finds her missing sister, but Master Dark’s special sound signal activates the device, turning Reina into a demonic fighter, and Marina is caught and tied up by Guild, and is hit with iron pipe by Guild’s combatants. Moreover, Master Dark has a machine mounted to her breasts, which gives biting pains to her robotic body, and he keeps tormenting her without end. With the crotch and thighs being tied up by chains that bind her body like coil, Marina is strangled and severely whipped. Then Reina shows up again, starts to torture her captured sister, but Demon Circuit is suddenly disrupted and Reina comes to her senses and tries to escape with Marina. Their freedom is short-lived, however, as Reina loses her sanity again and captures Marina, doing neck hanging tree, and she begins to do naughty torture to Marina one after another. Now Marina’s body becomes a prey to combatants like a living doll and her stomach is ripped open and her mechanism is destroyed.

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