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THZ-13 Super Heroine in Big Crisis ! Vol 13

The Space Development Center was finding a planet where people can acclimatize themselves, considering the migration of the whole human beings on the earth to escape from the large-scale movement of the earth’s crust in the near future. Hitomi Adachi, a staff member of the Space Development Center, was developing ”tech-bracelet” which would enhance the ability of human beings tremendously for the life in the space. She was working day and night to remove the acute pain while using it. One day she heard that all the members of the investigating commission, including her sister, were exterminated on the planet called Sait Louis by Jarudas and his henchmen who plotted to conquer the space. Hitomi entered the Saint Louis alone against the rule for revenge. Though she beat the combatants by the power of tech-bracelet with putting up with the hard pain, she was no match for Jarudas. Having known the taste of life energy of human beings, Jarudasu tortured Hitomi to ferret out the information of the earth and the route. While getting a shock on the whole body, Hitomi kept her mouth firmly shut. Jarudas lost his temper with her and put the strategy into action to disgrace her and bring her to bay mentally.

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