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TBB-57 Heroine Suppression Vol.57

Nashio Ikuji(means a sissy man) now lives with an outcast magician named Millefeuille. One day, he tries to hand a love letter to a girl he holds affection, Yui Kawai(means a cute girl with a tight clothes), but he is interfered by his classmate named Ruy Kimikawa(means I always remind of you) and a magician named SaikinMan(means a man with bacteria). Then, one day Ikuji is greatly humiliated with a magic jackstraw, so that he offers them a boxing match. Now for Nashio Ikuji, Millefeuille tries to fight against them, but the foes put a spoiled egg into Millefeuille’s fresh eggs, so she gets a stomachache and loses the fight. And as punishment in which Millefeuille has lost, she is disgraced by SaikinMan. Then, after Ikuji finds out that Millefeuille and Yui Kawai is the same girl, he is swallowed into a whirlpool of madness... [BAD END]

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