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TBB-55 Heroine Suppression Vol.55

Maya, a beautiful princess of Dinoland, fighting the Gundrular family as Dino Pink of the ’Ancient Regiment Dino Rangers’. The story starts with the torture of Princess Maya. The Gundrulars choke Maya’s neck with wire in an attempt to learn the whereabouts of the destruction stone known for its power to destruct everything. During the rigorous torture, Maya’s memory goes back a few hours before... Maya, transformed into Dino Pink, is no match for the specters. But the space of different dimensions swallows her up. Separated from her colleagues, Maya is cornered into a fix. Trapped in the space of the different dimensions with no way out, Maya has her reinforced suit ripped off in rugs but never gives up fighting to protect the secret. But, gradually her transformed self wears off and she gets captured to face the rigorous torture. Electrically shocked while bound by an electric belt, choked while wrapped in a choking device, Maya is robbed of her precious weapon Dino Arrow and gets molested in her cunt. Her colleagues send energy to Maya, now exhausted both in body and mind. Transformed once again, she corners Gundrular but her body has already passed the breaking point... Maya passes out with Dino Arrow in hand. Gundrular’s fangs pounce upon Princess Maya again. [Bad ending]

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