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TBB-49 Heroine Suppression Vol.49

A righteous fighting unit, the Electric-Decorated Fighting Unit named the Giga-Ranger has been fighting against the Evil-Thunder-Kingdom called the Negantis which puts headquarters on a beyond dimension world called the Nega-Dimension. The Giga-Yellow and the Giga-Pink who are the members of the Giga-Ranger usually hide the true characters, and now they disguise themselves as girls’ school students in the general public. The Yellow gives her name as Misato Jounouchi and the Pink gives her name as Mika Imaoka when they don’t transformed themselves into the Giga-Ranger. One day, Misato and Miki catch some information that the Negantis will appear, so they start searching it. However, they cannot get further information about it, and are vexed at it, so mistakenly Mika blurts out about the Negatis in her conversation. Misato hears it and panically shuts her mouth tightly, and draws Mika’s attention to it. But Mika gets angry about how her mistake is strongly punishmentd, and she disputes with Misato about it. Since then, they start acting scatteringly. Misato searches alone but finds combatants, and she is about to contact with Mika about it but she recalls the quarrel and tries to beat the combatants by herself. Misato transforms herself into the Giga-Yellow and beats the combatants. However, one of the members of an evil fighting unit Nega-Ranger produced by the Negatis, who is called the Nega-Yellow appears in front of her. The Yellow is caught in the foe’s trap and is put special handcuffs on her arms. The Giga-Yellow is dragged into the beyond dimension world with the special handcuffs, and she is tormented by the Nega-Yellow and in addition, she becomes the prey of a commander of the Negatis, Dr. Yougum... [BAD END]

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