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TBB-23 Heroine Suppression Vol23

Miss Marshall saves a civilian who has been attacked by Black Guild. Turns out, he is Professor Nakahara who is an authority of Eastern Medicine, doing research in the area of acuprssure. Professor Nakahara has succeeded in finding a new acupressure point in the human body in his latest study, and his study draws an attention from Black Guild for the purpose of punishment. At first, their plan results in failure as Miss Marshall’s help, but then, combatants of Black Guild break out of the prison with an idea of revenge to her. It is indeed a horrendous plan that they use Miss Marshall as a guinea pig for Professor Nakahara’s study, after kidnapping him! In the face of the situation where the Professor is taken as a hostage now, Miss Marshall loses her option against Black Guild, and suffers severe tortures... Then, she undergoes an experiment of acupressure point therapy. The thing is, this therapy involves high risk that if it fails during the experiment, it causes dreadful pain on the body! With no sign of hesitation, combatants torture her in an attempt to hurt her body as well as pride. Will she go through the torture and manage to keep her pride?

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