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JOVD-24 Heroine Peeing in Pants Disgrace

Miki Yona (Wonder Lady) is talking with investigator Toba about a mysterious case. They are talking about the case how a monster assaults a woman at night and leaves after drinking her pee. Although she feels anger toward Toba for making fun of it, Miki feels she must solve this case on her own. She decides to go on an undercover operation to capture that monster. The monster attacks her as she has originally planned but from an inattention, Miki gets her pee slurped. She repents for the ignominy and takes a rest in the lounge. The monsters and its boss appear before her once again. It happens that a love potion made of a woman’s pee is sold with high price in the galaxy market. And Miki’s pee is worth 100 times a normal woman’s pee because of her supernatural strength... And so the battle between the monster and Wonder Lady begins... [BAD END]

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