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GXXD-84 Transmigration Heroine - Heavenly Fighter Angel Owhite

Angel White, the heavenly warrior, is a justice fighter to protect the peace on earth! The biggest crisis is sneaking up on her. Parasite, the queen of vice, is now about to have her body decay after a thousand years. And, as her next carrier, she is eyeing Angel White! One day, a gift package is delivered to Miki Shiratori, aka Angel White, from Angel red. After looking into the gift mirror, Miki starts going out into town to hunt for boys, dressed in gaudy, raunchy dresses, as if manipulated by someone. Finally, Miki ends up accosting Angel Red, who slaps her face to make her come to senses. Miki, trying to recapture her own body, goes through the mirror into Parasite’s hideout to challenge her with a fight! [Bad ending]

GXXD-84 01 GXXD-84 02

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