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GXXD-80 Heroine White Eyes Faint Hell - Sailor Aquos

To resurrect the demon named Demonish, Rebellion has already got Silver Stone they took from Sailor Warriors. Rebellion further plans to collect the ”Material Energy” of the girls, so they order Conquista, the guide of the underworld, to summon the giant Golem Ghost, to attack the last surviving member Sailor Aquos. Now she must fight the sturdy enemy with overwhelming power, and she is subdued by the enemy, never given a chance to show what she can do. Subjected to the powerful attacks that cause breathing difficulties, she hovers between sanity and unconsciousness, showing the whites of her eyes again and again. While she does so, her soul travels between this world and the underworld, and this is the only moment when her Material Energy can be extracted from her body. Conquista then summons Octopus Ghost with tentacles, and orders it to strangle Sailor Aquos’s body, but not too strong so as to keep her alive and have her show the whites of her eyes repeatedly. Sailor Aquos’s soul ultimately reaches Hades, the abode of the dead, where the lost souls sink her in the Styx.... Can she ever come back to this life? Sailor Aquos shows the whites of her eyes, suffering every kind of excruciating pains, and slowly losing her Material Energy.... [BAD END]

GXXD-80 01 GXXD-80 02

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