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GXXD-71 Heroine Pinch All Mix - Beautiful Fighter Aurora Heart

Kokoro Mikoshiba is a high school girl fighting every day to save the humans from a demon invasion. She transforms into Aurora Heart, using the powers given by an angel. One day, when Kokoro is talking with her friend Inochi Yasukura about their future at school, she is attacked by the soldiers led by the demon Dande. Kokoro tries to escape protecting Inochi, but they are cornered into a dead end in the end. Then Kokoro suddenly punches Inochi in the stomach and knocks her unconscious. “Inochi, I will protect you, whatever it takes,” Kokoro says gently, and slips away to transform into Aurora Heart. But unknown to her, Iochi watches everything secretly, wearing a mysterious smile. Aurora Heart confronts Dande and the soldiers, declaring her name. She fights with lightening speed and defeats the enemies. Aurora Heart is about to win the battle, using her deadly move Aurora Flash, until the super-strong humanoid monster Goura interferes. Taken off guard, she is charged and knocked over to the ground by the new enemy. Aurora finds herself in a tight spot, trying to fight back desperately, but.... [BAD END]
GXXD-71 ENG 01 GXXD-71 ENG 02

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