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GXXD-49 Mature Heroine Going Down - Cyber Force Justion White Bunny

Momoko Uehara, up until 15 years ago, belonged to the Earth Defense Organization as White Bunny as a member of the Cyber Rangers Justion. Since the fall of the Death God Empire, peace has returned to Earth. As a housewife, she appears to lead a serene daily life. But, she has a sexual trauma remaining in her; she experienced sexual punishment 15 years ago in her mission when she was taken hostage and disgraced. One day, she learns that the Death God Empire has revived. Momoko is summoned by the Defense Organization for mobilization. Her first operations in 15 years as White Bunny. She cannot perform as she used to, though. Momoko has a trauma towards the Death God, chieftain of the Empire. She gradually lapses into a sex servant. [Bad ending]


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