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GXXD-43 Cutie Lily - The Black Diamond

Lilly Minazuki, a temporary office worker, is known otherwise as Cutie Lilly. She is a woman warrior, fighting the Monster Claw, a vicious gang led by Sister Guill, with the special device G System imbedded in her own body, which is the invention of her late father, Dr. Minazuki. One day, an able career woman Reiko Kumoyama joins the company where Lilly is working. Cool and self-posed Reiko is in fact an assassin, Lady Spider, sent by Monster Claw in pursuit of Lilly’s G System. Lilly, called out by Reiko, gets surrounded by Monster Claw’s underlings in their hideout but beats them around with her variable fighting skills. But in front of victorious Lilly comes forward Natsumi who has been captured and taken hostage by Spider. Unable to resist, Lilly is caught and Lady Spider and Lady Devil beat her down. Almost dying, Lilly’s body is unable to keep G System in normal functions, with the power overflowing. Lilly fells Spider and hurts Devil severely before she exhausts her power and tumbles into the arms of Hayakawa, the press reporter. Lilly’s colleague Natsumi has been held by Sister Guill. Then, Natsumi’s pendant shines mysteriously. She is the holder of Black Diamond, a jewel of the darkness, that gets activated once in a hundred years. Cutie Lilly sets out to confront Monster Claw and save Natsumi. What power does Black Diamond wield? Will Lilly have a chance to win over? [Happy ending]


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