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GXXD-36 Super Heroine Disgrace Hunter

Disgrace Hunter “Gilder Z” is a deadly killer who has terminated many super-heroines using his incredible fighting powers. Disgrace Hunter’s next target is Starlight Girl, a super-heroine dedicating her life to protecting the Earth from evil. Disgrace Hunter is actually employed by Black Death, the mastermind of Death Empire and the evil mastermind vowed revenge for the attack of Starlight Girl, who has destroyed his empire! Starlight Girl confronts Gilder Z, but she is overwhelmed by his superior powers. And Gilder Z is not just a warrior with exceptional combat ability; he has also an extraordinary power to drive any girl wild with his sex techniques and Starlight Girl is slowly turned into a horny, sex-starved woman. What will happen to Starlight Girl next?! If you are defeated, there is no one to save the Earth. [BAD END]


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