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GXXD-19 MIddle-aged Muscle Woman Precious Hunter Saki

People call her Precious Hunter; she is an explorer by profession, and also Supervisor of Institute of Archaeology. Clad in armored suit, she stakes her life on treasure hunting, and transforms with a cry of “Muscle!”On hearing a legend about the treasures hidden deep under the city of Tokyo, Saki Ijuin sets out on a new adventure with her assistant Tatsuya Domon. Of course, things are not as easy as they seem, as someone secretly follows them. Her name is Ayayo Koganezawa, widely known in the underground society for her infamous reputation of being one of the most vicious and cold-blooded, a treasure hunter who would not hesitate to kill for money. Actually, the legend of treasures was true. Words cannot describe the beauty of those treasures which have been waiting to be discovered since 214 BC. Saki and Tatsuya travel deep under the earth, however, only to find that the treasures are guarded by the God of Bannara. Saki obtains the Seal of Bannara, a key to solve the mystery of treasures. But then a battle begins between Saki and the chasers led by Ayayo. Saki is caught, betrayed by Tatsuya. Ayayo continues to torture Saki relentlessly, rubbing a drill on her groin. Her muscular body resists, but mucosal fluid begins to flow between her legs…. The Seal of Bannara is broken and her worked-out body is about to be destroyed, or punishmentd.


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