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GXXD-02 Ninja Force High Ranger

Hairen-Blue, member of Ninja Unit “High Rangers,” is attacked by Gama Jango, evil ninja of ghost troopers sent with a special mission. Because her nerves are manipulated by Gama Jango’s tadpoles, Blue attacks her own commander by mistake. Soon Hairen-Blue comes to herself, but seeing what she had done, she is greatly tormented by remorse and defeated by the overwhelming power of transformed Gama Jango. Next, scheming Gama Jango intends to complete the mental domination of her by making her admit defeat. Using tadpoles, Gama Jango ties his long tongue around the body of Hairen-Blue and begins to squeeze it and then sticks needles into her body. However, Gama Jango realizes Hairen-Blue wouldn’t surrender and he thinks of a good idea. “She may be a High Ranger, but she is a woman after all. Why not use sexual tortures?” Hairen-Blue is dragged into Gama Jango’s torture hell and is turned into a horny girl happily sucking Gama Jango’s ugly-looking dick. “BAD END”


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