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GVRD-93 Black Dress Temptation 7 – Special Unit Bird Fighter

Shleichen tells Bird Three that 200 proton bombs were set all over the city… From that point on, Makoto Honma’s whereabouts become unknown… Her mother, Yuki, was the original Bird Three, but her daughter takes over the task now. Yuki uses the Bird Changer once again to search for her daughter…Everyone has some sorts of secrets, but this may become a problem for a super heroine. Makoto watches her mother masturbate while she is gone… Having an affair with a combatant in the Special Investigation Headquarters… Schleichen zaps Yuki with a special laser that can change one’s personality. Yuki’s love toward her daughter does not stop. Kissing, spit swapping, cunnilingus, vibrator, dildo play… Can Yuki and Makoto retrieve the peaceful days?

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