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GVRD-88 Line Ranger - Female Monster vs Female Combatant

After a fierce battle against Vylands, Line Blue dies in harness battle. Line Pink tries to forget about it by fighting against the Vylands. One day, while she was looking for a clue, she finds out that everyone, who had been reported missing, visited a particular saloon. She infiltrates into the dance bar by acting as if she is a dancer. Later, she finds out that the bar is actually a secret hideout of the Vylands and battles against the Bee Queen. While fighting against her, the Bee Queen tells her about the shocking truth... Line Blue is actually still alive! To save her best friend, Line Pink joins the Vylands. But during the training, she gets brainwashed and unwillingly fights against the other Line Rangers... Now she is punished by the Bee Queen for failing the mission and finds out about the other truth...

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