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GGTB-35 Sailor Heroine Face Sitting Hell -Revenge of the Combatants

The dark hell emperor Greed was sealed by Sailor Perfume and Sailor Rouge, who are regarded as the strongest fighters through sailor history. They start a clean-up operation for the remnants of combatant to destroy the dark hell. Sailor Perfume and Rouge have sadistic mind. Combatants don’t know what to do. One day, Perfume tries to get “Magic Lamp” which is a hidden treasure of emperor Greed, but combatants summon the Genie Blacki from the lamp and ask him to become Perfume a face sitting servant. Perfume can’t resist combatants various orders and do a face sitting play. Perfume is rescued by Rouge at her critical moment. Perfume brings combatants to her base and tames them as face sitting servants…[BAD END]

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