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GGTB-34 Heroine Leg Fetishism4 Sailor Marin

Sailor Marin has fought with the evil secret society to protect people although she is usually a female student who belongs to the track club. One day, it is happened the case that boys who are fast runners, are kidnapped one after another. She accidentally rescues a boy who is attacked by combatants. However they discover Sailor Marin’s foot technique is her best weapon. Foot Monster Asheen disguises himself as a chiropractor and gives a massage to Sailor Marin’s foot. He presses her designated point for massage where the legs cannot move. Asheen shows his true identity. Sailor Marine tries to beat Asheen although her foot technique is sealed. Her foot is thoroughly destroyed by Asheen. Asheen takes a hostage and Sailor Marin is forcibly surrendered about her foots. [BAD END]

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