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GGTB-07 The Operation Of Mechanizing A Heroine - Project Blender 1

In the near future the city of Cheyenne has become a crime-infested place where a big corporate Mitsuya rules, and in the street a bloody war between rival gangs goes on forever. Misato Houjo is the leader of the gang that dominates the city and she gets a tip about a drug deal involving the opposing crime group Circus. She hides herself at the location for the deal to steal the drug, but she is double-crossed by her subordinate and gets caught. The fact is, Circus is in league with TPU, Mitsuya’s security company, which uses Misato as guinea pig for “Blender 01,” a project engineered by TPU to create a cyborg soldier, and Misato is forced to receive a full-scale cyborg operation. Brainwashed Misato, still a prototype model, is sent back to her gang’s hideout where she kills all the members. After a short circuit caused by an electric shock, Misato recovers her lost memories, but she is terribly shocked at her remodeled boy and cannot overcome the shock completely. Still, determined to seek revenge, Misato enters the headquarters of TPU, but....

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