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GGTB-06 Heroine Clitoris Torture 2 - Beast Rangers

Sayaka Komiya is the Pink-Tiger, a member of the Eternal Beast Fighting Unit. One day in front of her, Onigahime (means an devil queen), who is a cadre of the Kamui that plots annihilating human races, appears along with the adjutant named Kairikiougar(means a huge power king). Onigahime has an order of beating the Beast-Ranger. But she is actually known as a lesbian and sadist, so now narrowing her target to the Pink-Tiger. The Pink-Tiger also feels weirdness toward Onigahime because the foe stares at the Pink-Tiger just like raping her. But anyway, the Pink-Tiger fights against the two foes. However, actually it’s no chance that she can beat them because each of their power is much superior to the Pink-Tiger. As a matter of fact, she is treated harshly with their attack that obstinately aims a girl’s weak spots, and she is broken down, mocked at and is finally captured by the two foes, Onigahime and Kairikiougar. Against the Pink-Tiger, their captured opponent, at first, Onigahime gives pain and pleasure alternately on her clitoris by the fingers, and Onigahime starts giving surrender on her clitoris directly. And beside with fingers, also with the mouth, and even ices, the Tiger-Pink is given both serious pleasure and pain so that she cries and howls. 【BAD END】

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