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GGTB-02 Heroine Clitoris Torture - Beautiful Witch Girl Fighter Fontaine Ⅱ

Beautiful witch girl fighter Fontaine escapes from the clutches of the monster Blodia, but Fontaine has lost most of her power. She goes to the god and asks him to give her more energy. The god advises her that she should take a rest, but Fontaine would not listen, so the god reluctantly gives her special powers, which are sealed into the most secret part of her body - Fontaine’s clitoris. Fontaine fights the evil forces again, but while escorting the energy researcher Dr. Waruda, she falls into the enemy’s cunning trap. Fontaine wakes up to see the sinister smile of Dr. Waruda. He is in fact the mastermind who conceived the whole plot, and is planning to dominate the world using the enormous power Fontaine’s body possesses. He examines every corner of her body and finally discovers the secret hidden in her clitoris. Fontaine’s clitoris is tortured on and on. Fontaine endures the tortures desperately, but.... [BAD END]

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