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ZEOD-64 Heroine in Grave Danger!! 14 -Sailor Sathers

Sailor Rion solely fights with monsters who attack humans. Monster Sisters come to defeat Sailor Rion from the hell. A female college woman Aki Uozumi encounter the site that Sailor Rion is absorbed her energy by Monster Sisters and returns to human appearance Jun Shido. Jun still tries to fight with Sisters but she is defeated. Aki tries to save Jun but of course she can’t fight with Sisters. Then, however, Aki gets the power to transform into Sailor Paisis. Aki fights off Monster Sisters and tells Jun that she wants to cooperate with Jun to defeat monsters. However, Jun refuses Aki’s proposal and leaves there. Few days later, Monster Sisters appear before Aki. Aki transforms into Sailor Paisis to fight against Monster Sisters but she is defeated by Sisters and is hardly tortured.

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