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ZEOD-56 Sexual Dynamite Heroine 24 Aphrodai Woman

Minami Hoshino keeps the peace of the town as a female fighter Aphrodai Woman who has goddess tribe blood. One day, serial terrorist attack on the museum is happened. Criminal group plans to steal dinosaur’s fossil to restore dinosaur’s tribe. They want Angorian to dominate the world again. Angorian carry out a terrible plan to defeat Aphrodai Woman because she is a barrier to prevent Angorian’s domination of the world. Angorian plans to fabricate the case by making use of Minami’s rival reporter. Minami doesn’t know about it. She rushes to the site, but it is a trap to get a scoop on Aphrodai Woman’s defeat. Is Aphrodai Woman able to prevent Angorian’s ambition?  

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